Aug 13, 2010

Hey Tea Baggers and Libertarians-Let's go Green

What a great editorial on reutersonline today about the race with the Chinese to create a more green economy. The writer suggests that America let the government get more involved in transitioning our economy from brown to green and I'll be darned create a boat load of jobs in the process.

Prob is that the teabaggers and libertarians are totally against all government help-are they not? (As an aside-They do seem to support large US war efforts which are government funded and I guess they stop at stop lights that are quasi government toys.). But we would need their help to pass the legislation that as this article details could drastically change the US economy and did I already say create a boatload of jobs-hey teabaggers that's private sector jobs!

Hopefully some of the teabaggers and libertarians will look long term and realize that a total plastic surgery of the American complexion is too pricey to be done by the private sector only. The direction and funding of the US government is needed.

See what you think

Heres' the article

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