Aug 8, 2010

What exactly does Going Green mean?

The moniker "Going Green" has exploded in the last 5 years. We really point to Katrina and the spike in oil and gas prices in the summer of 2008 as the tipping point for the use of this word and the increased consideration of the populace to begin to consider the extravagance of their life styles.

What exactly does "Going Green" mean?

Here's a good description from Supply House Times magazine in June 2010 by John Siegenthaler

"American culture now interprets "being green" as a Zen-like sense of consciousness about how we should relate to and protect our environment. We have been relentlessly conditioned to view green as something we should aspire to, never-ending quest to minimize any adverse impact we may inflict on our planet. Many people now view themselves as needing more of whatever green happens to mean to them.

Going green can be anything form installing a bike rack at a public building, to using glass mulch made from crushed bottles for landscaping, to adding insulation to one's attic. The word "green" has become an envelope for older terms such as recycle, conserve, and reduce. Going green also describes actions such as increased use of renewable energy, planting grass and flowers on your roof, or bringing your own bags to the grocery store"

Your source for Going Green is Conservastore-visit us soon here

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