Sep 16, 2010

Fishing at Disneyworld Orlando

We have always felt that the more humans frequent the outdoors, and hopefully enjoy their experiences outdoors the less they will want to urbanize the entire world but rather leave a bit of Earth unclaimed for the wild. That is where there is room for development but also room for non human development

We see in this story from the Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel a reasonable happy amalgam of development and outdoors in the Walt DisneyWorld Orlando facility. Turns out that fishing on the Disneyword property can be quite productive for fresh water species.

Many of the Disney lakes are man made and were certainly stocked with fish at some time in their history. But the fish seem to be flourishing and the Disney guests are able to take advantage of this man
made habitat right in the shadow of the theme parks.

The Disneyworld property has some beautiful central Florida habitat and we wish they would provide more nature related activities. They perhaps do  not offer the profit margin that they desire.

Here's the article on fishing at Disney

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