Sep 12, 2010

A Green Poet Laureate - WS Merwin

A good article in the Orlando Sentinel recently about WS Merwin, a Hawaii based author, who has been named the US Poet Laureate for it's next term.

Merwin is also a Green enthusiast having reforested an 18 acre former pineapple plantation with native species.

One reason Merwin mentions that he took the Poet Laureate position is to, "promote a deeper examination of  the  interplay between imagination and nature."

"His environmental concerns are very powerful, but they grow out of an even deeper sensibility about human beings and their relation to life and the rest of nature itself"

As with many environmentalists, a connection to a higher being is a part of his devotion.  Merwin is a noted Zen Buddhist

Here's the wikipedia on Merwin's history

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