Sep 26, 2010

Review of Green Business Quarterly Sept/Oct '10

We recently started receiving the Green Business Quarterly. It's an interesting recap of what's going on in the Green world of architecture and engineering of largely commercial space.

There is an advertisement that accompanies the write-ups on each given company but the write-ups were mostly informative.

Here's some of  what we learned:

-"The desert southwest of the US represents one of the world's best regions for solar power, with an incredibly high amount of direct normal irradiation"

-"Buildings are responsible for 50% of the world's CO2 emmissions"

- Marsh Industries in Philadelphia, OH makes LEED friendly visual display boards..."their products are greener due to manufacturing with PolyVision e3 porcelain steel laminated to an environmentally friendly substrate with an aluminum frame made of recycled aluminum and a moisture backer of recycled products"

- Mark Morrison Landscape architects uses trees on the roofs he designs. "In the practice of planting trees on roofs he uses the buildings structure to his benefit. Positioning heavy load trees over the highest  capacity structural components such as columns...Deciduous trees do better than evergreens on rooftops and these trees will hold 40 to 50 % of stormwater allowing the canopy to cleanse itself while serving to sequester a high percentage of carbon from the atmosphere."

- LPAS Architecture in Sacramento recently melted down confiscated firearms and weapons to make rebar in a building it designed

- Newton Vineyards in Napa Ca placed their offices in a cave that they excavated to reduce heating and cooling costs

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