Oct 19, 2010

Report from Econometric Forecaster for 2011 and beyond-The Green Economy

We recently saw a presentation by Sean Snaith the Director of the Institute for Economic Competitiveness at the College of Business Administration at the University of Central Florida.

Sadly the presentation was sobering on two fronts. Sean sees the US economy and more importantly Florida's economy being stuck in a rut for some time to come. Sadly Florida's economy was and is overly tied into construction and has yet found a way to change this. Current politicians running Florida are perhaps not smart enough to figure out how to change this since they are so tied to developers for dollars for their campaigns.

The other thing that struck us at his presentation was how little faith he has in a Green economy affecting the growth of the  macro economy of Fla and the total USA. His presentation was the same old discussion of boom and bust cycles which we feel America and the world should be smart enough to change.

We are reading a great book currently, "Beyond Growth, The Economics of Sustainable Development" by Herman Daley. Mr Daley is an economist who has contributed to theory that discusses a more influential role of the environment in making economic long range planning.

In the forward to this book, Mr Daley says, "that economists, whether from Cameroon to California, all get their training in a handful of academic economics departments, and all learn basically the same economic theology"

Sadly we find Mr Snaith  in the camp of the "same old theory" economists as intelligent as he may be.
These economists are great historians and can tell you a great deal about why they feel what happened happened so to speak. They can be forecasters as Mr Snaith is but they seem wary to attempt and discern the establishment of a new type of economy.

We  will continue our review of this great book, that establishes brand new economic theory, as we read it

Here's the wikipedia on Herman Daley

Sean Snaith's website

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