Oct 3, 2010

Thanks to the Wood Stork for causing discussion on Florida development

Development of Florida's beautiful natural environment has gone on since the Native Americans ruled the land. But the impact of Native Americans did not come close to that of the European Americans who have added almost 12 million humans to the topography of Florida.

But humans are not the only species that likes Florida. Here's a good article from the Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel on the tropical wood stork and how it's fortunes have been reversed a bit by it's movement into a more suburban and urban habitat after many of it's natural habitat was drained or changed for human development and farming.

We are unsure if man can find a way to leave enough space in Florida for birds such as the stork to survive. We feel of course that land owners should be given incentive to leave at least 20% of their land in a natural state to allow some co-habitation with humans. Of course tracts such as the Everglades and Ocala National Forest are the best solutions if they can be crafted.

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