Oct 8, 2010

Will EV's prevent pedestrian and bicycle accidents?

We walk and bike alot around our neighborhood here in central Florida.

Sadly we are almost run down by sporty autos at least once a week. These higher performance sports cars ie Audis, Mercedes, Lexus, etc are driven way too fast in urban settings that are posted often 25 or 35 mph.

We were contemplating on our last walk that perhaps the soon-to-be large offering and hopefully sales of electric vehicles (EV's) will make the roads safer for us all and specifically walkers and bikers.

Guess unless folks pay the exorbitant price for the Tesla EV roadster which offers great acceleration, most EV's will not accelerate at quite the rate an oil based car will. Since they are largely for urban driving this should help walkers and bikers alot we hope.

Of course a friend at the local Ford dealer let me test drive a Fusion hybrid recently and I did almost hit a passerby since he could not hear the electric engine working it was so quiet.

So maybe EV's will be more dangerous since they are so quiet? Oh my goodness the Green product being more dangerous than the brown product. Well it's a good price to pay to not be required to suck up to the oil bearing nations that try to destroy us a little everyday.

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