Nov 30, 2010

Chevy Volt Rolls off the Factory Floor

BIG NEWS  GREAT NEWS for the USA and the world

YES AMERICA you CAN make an Alternative vehicle worth having

We love the Japanese and they got it started but we love America more!!

In CNBC interview with Mark Reuss, GM President of North America we find out:

-10,000 vehicles to be made in next 12 months in Detroit city

-current demand shows up to 100,000 people have shown interest

-current price is $41k usd but there are great leases available

-GM's aim is to de-leverage the USA from foreign oil and reduce CO2 emissions--are you serious??
Remember that old fossil Bob Lutz that was in on the old GM who publicly said he did not believe in global warming--gosh what a relief to have someone who get's it now!!!

-Charge time is 4 hrs @ 240 volts and 8 hrs at 120 volts but it also allows use of gas power @ 40mpg so yes you can drive from Seattle to Miami NO PROB

-A VERY quite engine

-Can be used as your sole vehicle

WHAT A GREAT DAY for the U S of A

Conservastore LOVES alternatives to fossil fuels!!!!

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