Nov 29, 2010

Climate Change Summit begins today in Mexico

 Global Climate Change awareness and attempts at change continue today in Cancun Mexico.
A bit odd that the location for the meeting is a spot that does not really conjure strong Green feelings.
This meeting is a postlude to the Copenhagen summit that proved mixed reviews

Here are some of the expected highlights from a Reuters(thru the NY Times) article today

-Nearly 200 nations were to meet for 12 days in a heavily guarded resort

-The ultimate goal is to extend the present Kyoto Protocol, which controls the greenhouse gas emissions of all industrialized countries except the United States, which did not ratify the pact.
“Continuing the Kyoto Protocol only makes sense if major economies which are not part of it like the U.S., China and India also make further commitments,” said Artur Runge-Metzger, a senior European Union negotiator.

-For CancĂșn participants, the major challenge is to end a deadlock on sharing the burden of emissions cuts between China and the United States.

-Japan said last week that it would be “meaningless and inappropriate” for Kyoto Protocol supporters to extend the pact without more action by the top emitters. But supporters are fast running out of time to agree what to do after the Kyoto Protocol expires on Dec. 31, 2012.

There are a group of climate change professionals that feel attempts at climate change  should not be viewed in a global manner but rather in a national manner with each country handling their own problems individually. The thinking being that multi-nationals would take the opportunity to lessen the global controls with their muscle.

Anyone that believes that the global temps have increased perhaps feel man is at least in part responsible and should act to change his activity a bit

The website for the conference is here

Conservastore website is here

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