Nov 30, 2010

How to save on the heating bill

Hello to our northern neighbors-We're in Florida and so far our fall; pre winter has been fabulous. Now don't all move down here at once!

We realize heating expense for you in the winter is the same as AC expense for us in the summer. It can be quite pricey. We've compiled a few suggestions below for how you may be able to keep the heating expenses in tow.

Get a Space Heater and Use It
Keep your house cool, and use the space heater in the room you're hanging out in. Annual savings? $1,023 if you use electric heat, according to the energy-saving calculator at, a website that offers electricity-savings advice.
This from Yahoo finance--we have been told by most insurance companies that space heaters are not safe so not sure whats up with this

Make All of Those Tried-and-True Little Moves
Use heavy curtains or shades, close them at night and open them in the morning. Keep the house cool and wear sweaters. Seal windows and doors. Close off rooms not being used. Program the thermostat, or remember to turn it down when you go to bed and when you leave the house in the morning.

The following is from a blog post on yahoo finance--the lady has some great ideas:

a few things ive done that help..alot!
1-turn off water heater while not using it.i only use hot water about an hour a day, why pay for 23 hours of hot water on standby?i turn it off and plan my use 30 mins big deal :)

2-i have screen doors, not storm doors.i tacked clear plastic around the inside and sealed with clear cant see it when the door is shut, and it made an immediate difference.its another layer between your entry door and the cold.

3-i put those nasa looking emergency blankets over my windows, under the reflects any heat back in to the room instead of it going out the window.prevents cold from coming in as well.

4-i insulated my garage door with foam board had none-literally aluminum door with nothing else.the foam board is super light weight but has a high R value-and is only one inch thick.

5-i plugged in everything i dont need running all the time (phone chargers, tv, dvd, etc)while im gone in to power strips and turn them off when i go.the vampire electricity is pretty signifigant.

6-CFL bulbs- they really do work.and now they have ones that look like regular incandecents, not a glass blowers twisted work of art :)
good luck to everyone, times are hard.

Have you tried Solar Sheets-this from the same blog mentioned above:

 I have solar sheets, which I purchase for under $3.00 each, on all our windows in our townhouse. During the summer one side of the solar sheets reflect sunlight away from the home thereby reducing costs during the hot months. Also, I turn around the solar sheets during the winter and it attracts sunlight/heat into the our place which reduces our gas bill. By using these solar sheets, I have notice a huge drop in our energy costs. Unfortunately, some of my savings are thrown out the window whenever the energy companies increase there service fees.

Here are some suggestions from the local Orlando utility on using your oven most efficiently:
-Open the oven door sparingly--instead turn on the light and give the food a look thru the glass

-Cook several items at one time

-Microwaving uses 50% less energy than conventional ovens

-Crock pots and slow cookers are a great choice for low electric use cooking

-Do not use aluminum foil in the oven's bottoms-it affects the best operation of the oven

Conservastore is always trying to find tips and suggestions to help you save money on your energy costs-visit us often here

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