Nov 26, 2010

Our Black Friday suggestion to help save the Earth

The US economy is heavily dependent on the consumer to prosper. The consumer's spending provides jobs and welfare to many both in and out of the retail industry.

However mindless wasteful spending and gift packaging of products can only lead to all the things the Earth does not need such as larger land fills, more CO2 production, and rewarding a waste stream.

So today when you are out buying perhaps more than you should to celebrate your friends and family, take a breath and maybe spend a bit less than you normally would or spend in smarter ways.

We suggest:

1.Purchase online if possible-yes we have a web biz but we feel web purchasing saves the transportation costs and the hassle of getting to the mall to purchase.

2.Find alternate ways of wrapping a present. Opening a wrapped present is fun for the receiver but the packaging usually goes straight to the land fill. Consider using  old newspaper and designing your own packaging. It can be fun!!

3.Gift certificates are a great way to go. A friend recently purchased a Nook e-reader, so I know I will be giving them credit to purchase their next book. So there is really little pressure on the environment except whatever it costs the environment to make an e-reader.

4.Give nothing. Ok perhaps not what you were taught by the Judeo-Christian European based consumption economy that America has but whats the matter with calling(don't text or twitter) your friends and family and saying, "how the heck are you-tell me what's going on." If you must use social media, of course you could design your own Holiday card and send it out on social media as your own personal present.

5. Give a gift to those who do not have in the name of  your friends or family. Charities are really needing your help with all the cut backs of the recession. They would gladly accept any money or item donations you can afford. You can make the donation in the name of your family or friend.

Basically we're asking you to have a "Think Out of the box" Black Friday.

Conservastore must sell eco-friendly products to survive but we realize that there is much waste at this time of year and guess we have a bit of angst about it.

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