Nov 15, 2010

Things really are getting Greener!

After reading some recent posts to this blog, we were struck at how negative we can be in these posts.
So we wanted to give you some good news today and in future posts.

We feel the world is getting greener!

Ok not as fast as we want but we realize even our own personal lives have much room for greening up so we all can contribute.

Here are some small things we've seen or heard recently that make us think things are getting better.

1.General Electric is to purchase and begin using up to 25,000 Electric Cars(EV's) in the next few years.
GE is beginning with Chevy Volts and will then purchase other models as well.
One large key to going green is to force the world to change it's demand habits. If one of the larger multi-nationals is committing like this it can only be good for forcing adoption of EV's by other large companies and of course consumers.

2.We stopped a younger lady at a parking lot outside a  coffee bar recently and asked her how she like the Prius she was getting into.
She raved about it but most importantly said she purchased it used for $8k(forgot how many miles she said it had). Just shows that all the hype of whether or not hybrids will save enough gas to make them "worth it" begins to erode when these cars pass into the pre-owned marketplace and offer a very low cost ride for for a very affordable price.

3.The building down the street from our office is gaining LEED credentials.
It struck us while out walking the other day that new construction is being heavily leaned on to gain more energy efficiency. When it is evident in the commercial building right down the street it made is relax a bit.

4.Speaking to some people at a recent event we worked about EV's
We worked a show recently and were discussing the availability of hybrids and EV's with show attendees. It was just good to hash out the goods and bads of these vehicles for instance one lady said she had done research on the Leaf and felt it may be too small for her. Even if she does not purchase one to be able to sit around and talk about having a choice in transportation besides just another gas guzzler made us think things are better than they have been. Made us also thank the Japanese for designing many of the first low energy models

5.Saw a Ford Fiesta at the local Ford dealer with a Global Warming Score sticker
When at the local Ford dealer for a chekup  we wandered the parking lot and saw stickers on the Ford Fiestas that offered a "Global Warming" and "Smog" score. Guess this is driven by California since the website offered for more info was
If we could just do this with all vehicles people would be as well informed at point of purchase as they are with the stickers now on food products detailing fat, carbo, protein, sugar content etc.

So things are getting better and it has a lot to do with people speaking up. If you feel strongly about a given Green issue. Please relay your evangelism to friends, the web, the press, and your legislators.
You will be heard!

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