Dec 30, 2010

Better Place Electric Vehicle site

 Conservastore has always felt that DEMAND is the key to lessening the worrying control that  OPEC 
and sadly the largely USA Texas based oil and gas companies have over the energy prices we pay.

(If you are from Texas or an OPEC producing country, we still like you but we want you to change for the betterment of us all.)

The more demand for oil stablizes despite predicted large increases in Asian GDP, the less pricing power OPEC and the Texans will have

We feel that Electric vehicles, although a manufactured product thereby causing CO2 dispersal in manufacture and heavily tied to the use of batteries which use hard to mine metals, are a step in the direction of leaving a life where we drill for oil in the Middle East & transport it for thousands of miles to consuming countries.

Electric production can be from PV, Nuclear, Gas, Wind, Hydro ie we are not tied to one means of  production and that creates pressure on pricing rises.

Here's a site that we liked and wish to make you aware of.

Betterplace is like a clearinghouse for info on Electric cars.

It is a .com so it does get funding from EV manufacturers but we're ok with that since we all need EV's promoted

Here's a report from Tree Hugger on the company

Conservastore feels every American should REALLY consider their yearly oil and gas demand and attempt to lessen it we feel without affecting their quality of life at all.

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