Dec 28, 2010

Do Coffee Bar Baristas spread germs?

I love lattes from the local coffee shop. I usually grab a cup on my way to the office. What I don't like is when the barista slaps the lid on my cup. She uses the palm of her hand to snap it closed.
I worry that this is unsanitary, since I like to sip my coffee through the spill proof lid. Am I being paranoid?

As far as we can tell, there has been no research on coffee-cup lid contamination. If the barista also is handling money, that could facilitate the spread of germs. It is unrealistic to expect a server to wash hands before each cup of coffee, but it is certainly reasonable to ask to put your own lid on your coffee cup
from King Features Syndicate

Conserv-A-Store says:

First of all you should not be using a paper or plastic cup supplied by the coffee company any way.
You need to take your own mug or container and use that to prevent excess garbage and then the question of cleanliness becomes your own.

We sell the Eco cup which is a very nice, handy porcelain cup that can be washed and reused for years and also has a lid that can be washed and reused.

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Conservastore is glad to help you amend your habits a bit to help us all.

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