Dec 1, 2010

GreenBuild 2010 Expo results

Each year the US Green Building Council sponsors the GreenBuild Expo. This year in Chicago.
It is a show and conference that allows many of the Greenest manufacturers in the world to get together, show their wares, and discuss the future.

Sadly we did not attend this year but here are some highlights from USA Today and the GreenBuild website:

-More than 1000 companies showcased non toxic and energy saving wares

-Some of the neater new items included:

-The Modlet- a two plug outlet by ThinkEco that cuts power to plugged-in devices when they are not in use

-AirRenew gypsum board by Certainteed which says it cleans indoor air by capturing formaldehydes

-Honeywell's wind turbine, 6ft in diameter, which the company says is so quiet and kicks in at such a low wind speed-less than a mile per hour-it's ideal for home-power generation

-Ornilux bird safe glass which has a reflection glazing that's visible to birds but largely transparent to people

-The Niagara Stealth toilet that uses .8 gallons to flush

-Many types of LED lighting since incandescent bulbs will begin a phaseout in California in 2012

-Triple pain low emission windows

Here's a list of the exhibitors

Conservastore will scour the show exhibitor list and attempt to add the products we feel we can service you with from the show-visit Conservastore here

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