Dec 12, 2010

Thanks Saudi Arabia for Being so Kind for the Holidays

Are you kidding me?

Here are the headlines of a Reuters article on the web today 12-11-10:

Saudi restates $70-$80 goal as OPEC holds supply

 OPEC met recently and apparently said they like the price of a barrel of oil in a range of from $70 to $100. Well they are so kind to let us know what we must pay for the price of running our lives.

COME on WORLD we've been putting up with this craziness for my entire adult life.
These people have a choke hold on our lives and are rewarded for nothing more than pumping stuff out of the ground.
Are you not ready for a change?

It is up to each and every individual on the Earth and really more so the 1st world countries whom consume the most fossil fuels to change their lifestyles right now to stop this madness.

1. Walk, bike, take public transportation whenever possible--question every use of energy in your life whether you  are rich or poor--this will reduce demand until alternatives can be firmly integrated into our lifestyles.

2. Go take the Leaf and Volt for a test drive in the next 6 months and see what you think.
Yes they are expensive but you may lease them and there will be a pre-owned market in about a year.
2012 will see the introduction of a boatload of EV's and that will drive the price down as well.
EV's are here to stay finally!

3. Make your kids take a bunch of science and math so that they will hopefully eventually discover new fangled energy ways that will prevent the need from pumping ANY petrol from the ground.

4. Research some type of home power for your house. You can start small with a small PV panel  or growing your own veggies. Anything that gives you more local power and lessens the need to rely on the traditional petrol based economy we experience.

 5. Caucus your local, state, and US representatives on their feelings about the current petrol economy. If they are happy with how it is and seem to care little for alternatives then let them know you think that view is from the 1950's. Watch their voting records. Do they receive large sums from the petrol industry? This is where partisanship should be thrown out the window. Vote for the people who realize alternatives will smooth the curve of energy costs.

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