Jan 11, 2011

The Benefits Of Using Composting Toilets

So what exactly is a composting toilet? Well basically they're toilets that don't use water and they use solid waste as composting materials. So it's a great way to create more compost for your garden without any extra work.

So right away you're cutting down on your water usage by using one of these toilets. Your toilet is the one of the biggest water wasters in your home & these toilets pretty much eliminates that cost.

Also many states or counties offer rebates for composting toilets. They vary from state to state so you'll want to contact your state and ask them what rebates are offered. This is a great form to help offset the initial higher price.

The purpose of compost is to help fertilize your garden the natural way. So this will cut down on you needing to buy chemical fertilizers and other stuff that could potentially hurt your garden. You have the option of buying organic fertilizers but there's no need when you're composting. You create the nutrition for your garden.

You can also make your own composting toilet if you're feeling adventurous. Check out Youtube for videos on how to make your own. If you'd rather buy your own toilet then I'll be able to help you.

At our website we sell composting toilets and we sell the best brand on the market from a company called Sunmar. So there's no worry about getting anything subpar or low-quality.

You'll have a toilet that will last you for a long time. Check out our composting toilets today.

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