Jan 22, 2011

Flushless Toilet water reduction spray-Product Review

We recently added the product Go Flushless Toilet Spray to our product offering


We have been testing the product in our own toilet
We feel generally  the product shows promise and can help certain families and certain people in certain situations.
We all should be saving water in our daily lives because it's the right thing to do and it saves resources that must be treated and delivered to our homes.

We also waste a lot of water in the flushing of toilets daily and this adds to our water bill.

This product would really benefit those on a water well or with a septic drain field since the water management is more home based and parts wear out in continued use.

We will say that the smell retardant seems to work better in the winter than the summer.
Granted we are in Florida and the heat and humidity can make normal smells more pungent even with the air conditioning on in the summer. But in the winter the spray does seem to prevent the need to flush the toilet after 3 liquid waste removal episodes so that is roughly 1.6 x 3 = roughly 5 gallons of water saved.

Some women may not go for it all but I am reminded of the line in The Fockers  movie something like if, "if it's brown flush if yellow no rush"

Give a bottle a try and see what you think

Here's the link to the product on our website

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