Jan 2, 2011

A Great 2011 to you all from Conserv-A-Store

May we be the first Green Products webstore to wish you a tremendous 2011 !!!

We are not young anymore so we realize each year must be blessed with goals and accomplishment to survive and prosper and we have big plans for 2011.

Our intent is to redesign our webstore to make it easier for you to shop with us and for us to get our message of Great Green Goods that  Save you and Save the Earth out to a larger public.

We  will redesign and strengthen this blog in 2011 so we can cover a wider range of Green topics and better feature the products we have that you may be unfamiliar with.

We will have some growing pains as we make the store better for you so we ask for your patience.

You are our reason for being so we welcome hearing from you by email or phone or social media any time. Tell us what we are doing wrong and what we can do better and please tell us what we are doing right as well. We are a small store so we WILL listen to you.

We feel that despite the strong roots the Brown economy still has on many people and processes in the world, the Green economy has newer and ever stronger roots than at any time in the past.
The oil giants want things to stay the way they are but some innovative large businesses  have dipped their toes into the Green pool, liked what they see, and will continue to grow their Green business.

An evolution to a Greener world is taking place and it only makes sense whether you think Climate Change is a reality or a pipe dream since Green promotes flexibility and resilience in powering our lives and thereby makes our lives safer.

If you are a regular visitor to Conservastore or this blog--thanks so much!! If a more irregular visitor please stop by on occasion and see what we are up to. Get on our email list or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's to your health and welfare in 2011

The Staff of Conservastore

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