Jan 17, 2011

Guns in America continued

 Here we continue our discussion on the questionable need for guns in households and how it can affect the life and death of the citizens of the USA

Below is a MUST SEE study(link) including an in depth chart of Violent Deaths throughout the world

UN Chart of Violent Deaths

The study is sadly old being last updated in 2003 but it does show us some interesting data
One can almost look at the "Firearm Homicide" data column and see which countries either outlaw guns or have strong gun control laws. The Asian states of Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan stick out as having very low Homicide by gun numbers. Likewise many European countries such as England and Germany also have small numbers.
(Some of the numbers are no doubt skewed by political upheaval in the given country)

Many Americans of course hate to be compared to another country, maybe except in sports, so they will say the comparison is fruitless but it does appear that a culture of low gun access contributes to lower homicide by guns to us.(However the statistical relationship does seem to be more difficult according to the notes below the data field).

We will return to our belief that the household requirement for guns largely for defense is due to the following:

1.Poor Parenting- with the increase in single family households and the inability or unwillingness of many parents to take on the full time job of parenting, the child is left to raise itself and crime can be a way to make it or to pass the time. Guns are often a part of crime.

2.Lack of faith in what law enforcement can provide-If people felt safe in their homes and felt safe that law enforecment would quell violent crime, they really would not need a gun unless they lived in the woods where animals could be a threat.

3.The large supply of guns-We know friends who due to #2 above have hand guns in their homes. Thing is we are quite suspect of their ability to handle these guns should they be invaded. If an intruder attacks and there is a wrestle with the gun the intruder may win causing damage or death to the gun owner whose home is invaded. Guns have gotten to be like baseball cards were in the '60's. Something to trade and spend immense time discussing. Seems like there would be better things to do.

4.A willingness by otherwise great politicians to push gun ownership in order to win votes-
Politicians will do anything to get votes and if they feel supporting gun ownership could swing their district then they will either be quiet on their feelings of guns or often times strongly push the ownership agenda. Sadly Gabby Giffords apparently owned guns and supported gun ownership. Hopefully she will make a miraculous recovery but it will be interesting to see if her stance on gun ownership changes after her horrific attack.

5.An unwillingness of religious leaders to come out strongly against gun ownership-The religious leaders must see that gun ownership as a prelude to crime and hurt but rarely do we hear a scolding from them on the over abundance of guns in the USA. Thankfully most police departments are very strong in their condemnation of gun ownership. Strange the Cops get it but the Church does not.

We'll continue to write about gun ownership in America and the World on occasion but sadly polls show that at least half of Americans support gun ownership as a means of defense and do not wish to attack the reason guns are needed at all.

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