Feb 12, 2011

Future Farming in America

Below is a link to a good article from Grist.org that speaks of the emergence of a new generation of farmers, many with small farms. Since we all  need to eat as of today(perhaps one day we will subsist on power pills made in the lab and we may all be happier), it is satisfying to know more farmers are getting into business.

Prob is we've always felt the best place to grow crops is at the home or even the apartment if a large enough green space is allowed next to the apartment bldg.

We're all for the return of personal control over many of the services we take for granted today. With personal control there is usually less waste and more interest in excellence.

Every residence in America where water is plentiful should be growing a large portion of their own vegetable foodstuffs. 

Meat and poultry would be more difficult for sure but there is adequate protein in many vegetable foods to allow you to reduce our reliance on meat, poultry, and fish for sustenance.

Maybe these young farmers can help teach us how to expand urban farming

Conservastore is all for large urban gardens that grow everyday foodstuffs

How the next farm bill could plant a new crop of farmers


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