Feb 4, 2011

Grab Lunch and Charge your EV

The Orlando metro area is usually not first in many things. OK we were the first(and only) to get Disneyworld. But generally Orlando is a bit conservative and let's others pave the way before it adopts new ways.

Well thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants in  Orlando suburbs Kissimmee and Clermont, you can now go for some Wings, watch the game, and also CHARGE your EV(Electric vehicle).

The restaurants are the first in Florida and some of the few in the country to install  EV charging stations that are free to patrons. Most EV's take up to 10 hrs to get a full charge(@ 120 household voltage) but quick charges(240 or 480 volts) can be done in under an hour and will usually give you enough power to get back home. The quick charge is what is being offered by the restaurants and are installed by Chargepoint charging stations.

Buffalo Wild Wings sees the offering of the EV docking station as good business.
The CEO says, “As the number of electric vehicles grows over the coming years, we know customers will choose Buffalo Wild Wings over our competitors because of the ability to charge their vehicle for free while enjoying their favorite sporting event.”

We are delighted to see how the new EV infrastructure is starting to unfold. Yes EV's currently are VERY EXPENSIVE and charging stations are LIMITED but the action of a popular watering hole such as Buffalo's shows that the tide is finally turning.

If you are an Exxon executive you perhaps read the article on Buffalo's and chuckle but even though Exxon may be participating in the powering of the  utility that generates the electricity for the charging station, it is one less petrol fill up for a couple to go to a restaurant.

This is certainly a change in the delivery of transportation and by looking at the turmoil in North Africa today and how it could spread to Saudi it makes me feel a bit more  relaxed. How about you?

Conservastore is all for EV's-they are not perfect but they are a start

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