Feb 1, 2011

Green Investing Update

We are interested in the investments of Green company stocks and bonds because we realize that the green economy will not catch on unless the traditional business channels reward green and green rewards it.

Of course the oil industry has many things going in it's favor including government kickbacks and tax favoritism that is a legacy of the Texas domiciled Presidents of the USA to promote further use of oil and gas
But if green business can show promise as an investment then the dollars or other currencies will follow and the green way of life will catch on 

We enjoy following green investing so from time to time we will do some research on green investments and write about it here for you. We will also start a green portfolio of investments that you can follow with us and see how it does

Luckily our last Green Network Group meeting had as featured presenter Jim Dorman of Dorman Financial
Jim gave us a great primer on Green investing. Here's some of what he said

1. Invest in mutual funds rather than individual stocks unless you have great stock picking expertise. 

2. Is hard to find a pure Green Company play since many green product manufacturers and sellers are owned by large multi nationals such as GE, Siemens. Likewise many smaller Green companies are privately held and public data is not available

3. Some funds he spoke of include Domini Social Investments, Winslow Green Growth Fund, and New Alternatives Fund

4. He spoke of the Global Impact Investing led by the Rockefeller Foundation

5. If you wish to invest in single company stocks he spoke of how to screen for Socially and Green Responsible companies

6. Investing in Green companies takes time and is not an easy way to make money at this time except for those willing to spend a good amount of time

Here are important websites that support the above:

Domini Social Investments

Winslow Green Growth Fund 

New Alternatives Fund 

Global Impact Investing 

Dorman Financial

Green Network Group 

Conservastore is not paid by any of the investments it presents to you.

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