Mar 18, 2011

What we learn from the Japan quake about Green Living

 Here's a quick list of what we think can be learned so far from the Japan quake

Nuclear is good but needs to be monitored closely:
France of course is the leader in nuclear for a country and believe it has worked generally ok for them.
The USA has around 110 plants that are nuclear powered including 3 in our state of Florida but can they really be that safe in California and other areas in high earthquake risk areas.
Strict government regulation is a must and continual checking and rechecking of key components of the system is needed. Sadly disasters like the Japan reactor strengthens the safety of other reactors around the world since governments get scared to death and order reviews of their nuclear electric production inventory

Home Power in a limited fashion is better than total reliance on distributed power:
In the case of total destruction, such as the tsunami, home power is useless but for many areas of this and all countries, a larger reliance on home power or household responsibility for generating a portion of their power requirement makes sense. In our state of Florida, everyone should be able to power the electricity of one room to protect them from outages during hurricanes. Once one room is done it becomes easier to add other rooms to the home power grid.

There could be a short delay in the release of the new Nissan Leaf and new models of Toyota Prius:
The horrible Japan disasters will certainly impact Japanese auto production at least a little. We were all looking for the continued roll out of the Nissan Leaf and the new models of the Toyota Prius, all made in Japan largely. This disaster will affect power and component supply for a few months so not as many cars will be shipped as planned.

The Price of Oil and Gas is hard to decipher:
We feel the price of oil and gas is largely not supply and demand related at all and that the pricing is a black box run by the oil suppliers and a few wealthy folk. The disaster will be a great time for them to profit based on hysteria as they do with all disasters. BUT the oil demand has been reduced(at an increasing rate still) a bit by the world's growing desire to get off the oil roller coaster so without very strong demand the oil price will surely stablize and lower soon.

 Sorry for our conspiracy theory but we believe with adequate time and study we could prove our point 

It strikes us that maybe some areas of the world including those in the Pacific "Circle of Fire" should not be inhabited by humans. Yes the engineers will tell us that anything can be engineered to be safe for humans but if you look at Christchurch, Banda Aceh, Chile, Haiti, and the other geology related disasters of the past few years, makes one wonder if the engineers are correct. Could Man be smart enough to say some areas of the world, yes even of 1st world countries such as Japan, be laid aside as too dangerous for human development.

Conservastore wishes the entire population of Japan all the best in their recovery

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