Apr 26, 2011

Frito-Lay Electric Delivery Vehicles

Was at an Earth Day event near Lake Eola in downtown Orlando this weekend and was pleased to see a presentation by Pepsico division Frito-lay on their new Electric Powered delivery trucks

The plan is to have 176 trucks operating by late 2011. Each with a 60 mile range. Since most of their deliveries in metro Orlando are less than 30 miles this will offer a day of  power and delivery.

Also since the freight which is largely chips is relatively light the torque required by delivery vehicles can be handled by these trucks.

The regional traffic manager says that when he receives delivery of his 10 area trucks in July he will bring one by our Green Network Group meeting for show and tell.

Some good websites supporting this post are as follows:

Announcement on the Frito-lay venture in Sept 2010

Smith Electric Vehicles-maker of the the van website

Frito-lay press release on Electric Delivery trucks

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