May 23, 2011

Plant a tree and get rich!

Here's a sad report from the Orlando Business Journal about the continued loss of your tree cover

The South is expected to lose 23 million acres of forests over the next 50 years due to urbanization, weather patterns, land ownership changes, invasive species and the use of bio-energy, according to a report released Tuesday by the U.S. Forest Service, Reuters reports.
In Florida, as much as 30 percent of forests could be lost, according to the forest service.
The loss of forest land will result in more runoff water and decreased water quality along with an increase in the frequency and severity of wildfires, analysis and computer models found, the report said.

More than 30 scientists, foresters and other experts with the Forest Service, state forestry agencies and universities contributed to the study, a statement said.

 Conservastore sees this loss of woodland as an opportunity for those who can own woodlands.

Eventually a carbon trading and rating system will be imposed across the world and those with greenhouse gas protection devices, which woodlands are, will be rewarded economically. It may be a while in coming but if you are patient with your heavily wooded land you will make money in ways beside tearing down the trees for woodchips.

Also Oxygen is a staple for human continuance and there are few ways to gain oxygen than from trees. Here are some stats that will make you pause and thank a tree each time you see one:
Humans consume," 260kg of molecular oxygen (O2) per year, which is equal to 29.659gr of oxygen per hour" 
"Mean net annual oxygen production (after accounting for decomposition) per hectare of trees (100% tree canopy) offsets oxygen consumption of 19 people per year (eight people per acre of tree cover), but ranges from nine people per hectare of canopy cover (four people/ac cover) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to 28 people/ha cover (12 people/ac cover) in Calgary, Alberta." - U.S. Forest Service 

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