May 23, 2011

Update on Electric Vehicles EV's - 5/24/11

We are tickled about the increasing press and interest in the coming horde of Electric Vehicles (EV's) to be released in the next few years.

Germany just made a claim to try and reach 1 million EV's on the German roads soon.

We ran into the Frito-lay people at a recent event and they are about to debut in 2011, 176 electric powered delivery vans for the delivery of chips to convenience stores.

But the oil and gas industry will fight the change to EV's (even though they certainly gain from some of the incidentals to EV manufacture) til the bitter end with innuendo and studies that show gas is still better.

This great editorial from compares the total carbon footprint of consumer EV's, primarily the Nissan Leaf, to that of gas powered cars and hybrids. Is stunning to see how many variables affect the performance of EV's.

Please visit this link to the article here

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