Jul 7, 2011

We Need Truth in our Justice System

Thankfully we do not write often about non-Green issues since we are really not qualified too.

We live in Orlando, the center of the Casey Anthony murder trial, so we have been involved tangentially by the zoo it has created because everyone we know speaks about it and of course the local(and sadly National) press is exhaustive on the situation.

We will not say whether or not we feel the decision offered by the court was correct or not. We will say that sadly a 2 year old child has passed and although someone knows why this happened, the public and the government do not at this time.

Effectively we do not know the TRUTH after almost 2 months of testimony, years of collection of evidence, and the need for the citizens of Orange County, Fla to pay for the defense since the accused was indigent at the time of trial.

We think that is sad and speaks poorly of the US Judicial System which most in the system including the lawyers for and against Casey Anthony say is the best in the world.

We feel there needs to be more of a focus on TRUTH in our Judicial System especially involving circumstantial evidence in a murder trial.

WHAT is the TRUTH?

As we see in Wikipedia TRUTH may not be as straightforward as we would wish

But there is a definition for TRUTH here

How do you get the TRUTH?

Well that's the hard question. Certainly light torture or drugging of an accused and those surrounding the accused would help get the TRUTH. Maybe a high bounty could be paid to those involved to get the TRUTH. A friend we discussed this with suggested waterboarding but we in no way condone such extremes.

There should be studies done by those in the legal community and law enforcement and legislative bodies to find legal ways to get the TRUTH.

Is not getting the TRUTH more important than an assignment of guilt or innocence? The ability to decipher the TRUTH is one thing that separates human from non human on the Earth.

Guess the real competition in our system in the instance of the death of this very young girl is between the TRUTH and privacy. We have decided that impinging on the privacy of those involved in a crime is less important than getting the TRUTH.
We have decided that only non democratic governments do what it takes to get the TRUTH at the expense of all else.

But what if we were able to bring young Caylee back to life; would she not want to tell us the TRUTH?

Tomes of legal and philosophical data have been written on these important issues and we do not have the time to spend weeks preparing a solid study but we feel a bit let down that the TRUTH will not be told in this case and we see it as a serious deficiency in the way we do things in the hallowed legal system of America.

A very smart attorney or legislator should be looking to make their fame and fortune by reworking the broad spectrum of the law to be directed at the discovery of the TRUTH first and all else secondary.

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