Sep 9, 2011

How You Can Benefit from A Composting Toilet

So what exactly is a composting toilet? Well in simple terms it’s a toilet that doesn’t use water and also makes something called compost. Compost is material that’s been decomposed & recycled that can be used as fertilizer. So this toilet takes your excrement and turns it into fertilizer you can use for your garden.

This produces by far the most natural fertilizer you’ll ever find since no chemicals are involved in its creation. So for a truly organic solution to fertilizer it doesn’t get any better than this. Normal composting can take up to a year before its ready to be used. With a toilet setup you can have your compost ready a lot faster.

So if you’re thinking is this actually safe for my garden then let me assure you that it is without a doubt as long as you compost it properly. You must have this installed correctly or this will be very anti-eco-friendly. Compost is the preferred fertilizer for your yards and gardens. It is a very popular fertilizer on farms where they have more time and require healthy fertilizers. The only reason bottled fertilizers are popular is because they save on time and it’s cheap but with a proper compost setup you can get the best of both worlds.

Now since they don’t use water or require very little you’ll be saving on a ton of water. Your average toilet can use up to 2000 gallons a year and that’s only counting if you live alone. If you have a family you can see how that number would easily increase. Your toilet is probably your 2nd biggest water user in your home. And with our usable water supply slowly declining every year every ounce we can save makes a huge difference.

Those are two awesome advantages you can get from having a composting toilet in your home. Now these toilets aren’t exactly cheap and can cost up to $1000 right off the market but the long-term investment will definitely pay off. Just think right now how much you spend on natural or organic fertilizers. Those aren’t exactly cheap either and over the course of a few years you can see how you’ll save more money in the long term.

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