Nov 15, 2011

The Lowest Flow Showerheads On The Planet - Trimax by Niagara Conservation

Tri-Max Low Flow Showerhead
Just when you thought you couldn't get any lower than a 1.25 Gallon Per Minute GPM showerhead Niagara has suprised everyone and developed a showerhead called the Tri-Max low flow showerhead that goes as low as 0.5 GPM.

To put that in perspective that's as low as a low flow faucet aerator. So that means you're really only using a fraction of what even the best showerheads can do. So the next thing that comes to mind obviously is this shower must be terrible.

Well if it was truly at a 0.5 water rate then it might be but this showerhead does something different.

The 0.5 rate is used when you're soaping up and then when you're ready to rinse you switch to a 1.0 GPM rate, which is still similar to faucet aerators. Also if you feel you need a little more power, then you can switch to a 1.5 GPM rate.

So all in all you get two different rinse options and one option for soaking. You could look at it as three different rinse options but keep in mind the longer you stay in the shower the more water you use no matter what flow rate you're at.

You can purchase this Tri-Max Showerhead available on the website today.

GPM=gallons per minute or the amount of water emanating from the head each minute-can be affected by your water pressure-most showerheads come from the store with a 2.5 GPM flow

Aerator= a faucet aerator on the end of every faucet to collect debris and also available to offer water saving as well


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