Dec 9, 2011

Choosing A Green Bed

Just like other areas of your bedroom your bed can actually go green as well. The materials used to make your bed will let you know if it is eco friendly or not.
So first of all you want to make sure the bed you’re buying is made from recycled materials or are sustainable. You want to avoid any bed that includes formaldehyde.
It’s also better if the bed you’re buying has been made in the USA to lower the amount of carbon used in transportation. You can also consider buying second-hand beds as well.
Pricing will vary of course since if you bought a used bed say on a site like Craigslist vs buying a brand new bad made from strictly organic material.
So know your budget when you’re shopping for a bed. Whatever your price point there’s an eco friendly option available for you.
Once you’ve made the switch to an eco-friendly bed you’ll be doing yourself & the environment a favor.
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