Dec 6, 2011

Cooking The Green Way

So there are few things to consider when you are cooking. Energy is one of the biggest things to keep in mind. Ovens and stoves use a tremendous amount of energy.
Grill’s release chemicals into the atmosphere making it one of the least green ways to do your cooking which really does suck since BBQ food tastes so great!
There are alternatives though, such as indoor grills, or using the oven. Even when you’re cooking regular food using the microwave to warm up food uses much less energy than the stove.
While ovens do use a good amount of energy, they are better than using outdoor grills. Now you will lose some of that taste but it still tastes very good.
Also make sure when you’re using the stove that your pots cover the entire burner or are bigger than the burner. Pots or pans smaller than the burner are basically wasting energy.
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