Dec 1, 2011

An Easy Way To Stop Wasting Paper

Ever year a huge amount of paper is made from our trees and converted into paper. As you read this right now, the rate that we replant trees is lower than the rate trees are being cut down.
This presents all kind of bad consequences for us down the road but most importantly it is affecting our environment at an alarming rate.
So one way you can help slow this process down is to use less paper & one of the best ways is to go paperless with your bills.
Paperless billing means that your bills will now be emailed to you instead of coming to you in your mailbox. You get the exact same bill without the paper tax.
Most companies offer a form of paperless billing that you may have to call for or sign up for online. It’s free and because it saves these companies money they will sometimes offer you an incentive to go paperless.
Once you go paperless you’ll be saving a tremendous amount of paper and one less reason to fill up your mailbox.
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