Dec 2, 2011

Going Green With Landscaping

Concrete is the most common material you’ll notice for walkways. Unfortunately it’s not very green. Now we have lots of alternatives for walkways that are more eco-friendly.
When making a walkway you want materials such as crushed stone, pavers, or other materials that allow water to pass through.
You also want to make sure that they come from a sustainable source or are recycled.
Recycled rubber mulch is another alternative that has many possibilities. You can use it for a flat walkway surface, you can use them as stepping stones, you can use it to protect your trees, and many other uses.
Lawn mowers are notorious for polluting our air. Choose a reel motor, which is a manual mower, and stop polluting your air! Also it cuts down on all the noise when you’re mowing.
If your lawn is too large for a reel mower then you’ll want to invest in a non-polluting electric mower. You’ll get the benefits of an electric mower minus the toxins it releases.
Composting bins are the next item you want to make sure your garden has. Composting is a natural process that lets organic nutrients cycle from the soil to the plant and back again to the soil.
Items that go into a compost bin are things like fruits peels, leaves, grass clippings, and other items mix together and make their way into your soil.
You get a number of benefits from composting in your garden.
The first is you reduce the amount of waste in your home. You’ll have less trash to fill up if some of it is going into your compost bin and back into your soil.
Your soil moisture retention rate will go up. Compost provides a natural way to achieve this. Your plants immune systems will also go up. The more your compost the less you need to fertilize.
You can also make your own compost bin or purchase one. If you’re starting small I’d suggest you make one yourself so you can see how it really works even in the construction stage.
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