Dec 8, 2011

Green Luggage Tips

When traveling or going on vacation you’re going to need some luggage. Just like other accessories to purchase you can also have eco-friendly luggage.
Once again the materials are what you want to look for when choosing luggage. You want luggage that is made from hemp, recycled plastic, 100% 1200 denier polyester (some polyester is made from recycled materials, this is one of them), or organic cotton.
You may find luggage made from other materials that are also earth friendly and that’s fine. I’m just sharing with you the most common materials you’ll find. Also if you can find a bag that is bio-degradable that’s even better.
One good thing about green luggage is they come in a wide variety of styles & sizes. They are also close in price to non-green luggage bags, assuming you are buying quality luggage. Not the kind of luggage that rips open while carrying it!
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