Dec 21, 2011

How To Use Recycled Rubber Mulch Mats

Mulch mats of Post Consumer Recyled Tires offer the user many choices to SOLVE PROBLEMS

Is there a correct way to use the mats?

Honestly the mats are heavy but can be cut and moved around by 2 folks easily so they are not difficult to use at all

Since the mats may be cut with large shears or a small hand saw, the material can be sized by the user to fit around that large oak or maple or pine tree with a diameter larger than any tree ring can cover. The mats will protect the bottom of the tree from animals and from yard equipment and will give the tree a pleasant border.

The 3ft x 20 ft mat can also be used as a pathway in your yard instead of step stones or rocks. You may need to secure the mat to the ground with landscape spikes. If there is a portion of your yard that gets poor drainage or sunlight, the 4ft x 4ft rectangular mulch mat is a perfect ground cover.

A Conservasatore 4ft x 8ft Mulch Mat of Recycled Tires

Landscape architects, designers, and installers marvel at the many uses of the mulch mats. Projects have included locations such as hospitals, arenas, and college campuses to offer a reduced maintenance solution to areas that would normally require repetitive maintenance.

For companies looking to add mulch to their area consider that these mats can save you money versus regular loose mulch since it is an install it and forget it solution rather than requiring ongoing maintenance that accompanies loose mulch. Also these mats will not wash away in the rain. The mulch mat can be used as a walkway in certain moderate pedestrian traffic areas as well.
If you have a retention pond application where grass will not grow on the banks of the pond and you also experience erosion into the pond, then the rectangular mats, if secured well to the bank with landscape spikes, will solve the problem. Soil and water conservation districts have used the mats successfully for this situation.

Mr Property Owner-sadly we find many landscape contractors would rather enlist shredded mulch from dead trees in their lawn care because it does not last as long as rubber mulch and they can make more trips to your property for care and of course charges. You might want to take the calculator to the number of times the landscaper comes to your property vs the amount of expense saved by using rubber.

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