Dec 3, 2011

Last Minute Green Gifts for the 2011 Holidays

At Conserv-A-Store we want to help you with your last minute Green Gift shopping for the 2011 holidays.

The items below are all in stock and ready to ship to you on any of 12/19 thru 12/21
 and should arrive by 12/24 depending on your distance from Florida.  If it MUST be at your door by end of day on 12/24 please call us and we will discuss:

Recycle Bin Cart for Carrying Recyclables to the Street for Pickup

Eco Cup Reusable China Cups for Hot and Cold Beverages

Over the Bath Clothes Air Dryer for your Urban Friends

Soda Bottle Hanging Bird Feeder

Men's Hemp Organic Cotton Hoody

Auto Cigarette Lighter 12v extension

Solar Powered Bug Toy for Kids

Solar Powered Address Light

Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger

Have a great Holiday Season with your friends and family from all of us at

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