Dec 10, 2011

Save Water With A Rain Barrel

Your biggest source for water comes not from within your house but from Mother Nature. Rain water can provide you with enormous amounts of free water.
Rain barrels, as the name implies, are designed to catch water from the rain. Now this water is no good for drinking or anything of the sort.
It is perfect for watering your plants and trees. This is a great way to save money and one you can actually make one yourself.
That’s right with just a few simple products you can make your very own rain barrel. They are becoming so popular that if you just do a search on YouTube for rain barrels you’ll see thousands of results.
If you’re pressed for time or have no interest in building one, I understand. And so have a few stores, because you can buy pre built rain barrels.
Now one advantage I will say over a pre-built one is the quality & durability. Once again though be on the lookout for those non-green bad guys because I’ve come across rain barrels made from regular plastic. How green is that?
The water can also be used to wash your car when you’re at home. Another great water & cost savings for you.
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