Dec 19, 2011

Why You Should Choose Envirocycle Compost Bins

Not all composters are created equally. Some will produce a higher quality of compost and some will produce it at a faster pace. These are some of the differences you'll have to keep in mind when you want to choose a compost bin.

Envirocycle is a company that makes compost bins and while they produce excellent quality at a good pace that's not what i feel is there best quality.

All of their compost bins are made from recycled plastic (post consumer & post industrial). So not only are you able to recycle your waste and use it for your garden. The very compost bin you use is actually a product of recycled plastic. So to me that's a huge benefit.

They come in two different styles. One is the mini composter and the other is the original composter. They're both basically the same except for size and color.

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