Dec 11, 2011

The World is Warming - Is Man Involved?

In light of the more-or-less inability of some of the most concerned Green Thinkers in the world to come up with any consensus at the UN Climate Change Conference in Durban SA, it's intriguing to see this article in the Economist concluding there are No Questions Asked - The World is Warming

The conclusion of the article reads, " At a time of exaggerated doubts about the instrumental temperature record, this should help promulgate its main conclusion: that the existing mean estimates are in the right ballpark. That means the world is warming fast."

So the big question is what affect Man and his pursuit of a comfortable lifestyle has on this warming?
This is a bit harder to figure.

We ask that you just pause during your normal life and travel and consider some of the Greenhouse gas emissions you may contribute to daily:

-Do you use an automobile? How is it powered?

-Do you have home electricity? How is that powered?

-Do you use household consumables from dinnerware to clothes? How are those manufactured?

Sadly unless we return to a more agrarian lifestyle where all inputs and outputs to our lives are matched, it is hard to believe we are not contributing to Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you wish to call the changes in the atmosphere making the Earth a warmer place to live than 50 years ago.

So what percent do you feel Man in aggregate and you individually contribute to this warming?

Here's the entire article from the Economist. It gives a great explanation of how global warming stats are developed

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