Jan 26, 2012

And Now a Tankless Toilet

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The Japanese are masters of plumbing goods manufacturing. Did you know the largest plumbing manufacturer in the world is Toto a Japanese company.

Here's an  article on a new tankless toilet that the Japanese will be rolling out soon.
The technology will take a while to get to the USA but it will come soon.

Here's the article

A breakthrough in tankless toilets has encouraged Japan's Panasonic Corp. to announce that it will halt production of conventional lavatories, complete with their bulky water tanks.
The company has unveiled its state-of-the-art Arauno V, which will go on sale in Japan on February 21 and starting at Y118,000 (€1,184). The top-of-the-range version, with additional functions, costs Y184,000 (€1,847).
The majority of Japanese lavatories are technological marvels that can be programmed to have a pre-heated seat at a desired temperature, bidet functions and music options to drown out other noises.
But most designs have been, until now, hampered by the large tank that is attached to the system to provide water when the lavatory is flushed. Such systems are also more difficult to keep clean.
The other drawback was the relatively high cost of the units.  

Panasonic has overcome that problem by limiting the number of functions on the most basic model and using mass-produced toilet seats.
The new tankless toilet takes its water direct from the home water supply -- another problem for conventional models on upper storeys of buildings with low water pressure -- and frees up space in the smallest room in the house.
Here's a link to the rest of the story and a pic of the new design

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