Jan 13, 2012

How To Use Recycled Rubber Tree Rings

The mats are made with a split thru the middle to allow positioning around the tree, But one can easily cut the mat with a pair of shears or small saw to fit many tree sizes. The mats come ready to use from the shipping box.

You may want to dig out an inch of dirt to allow the mats to sit flush with the ground. The 48” and 60” diameters are very helpful for the large trees in your yard or the trees you feel may grow to be large in a few years.

The mats offer many benefits such as saving the time and labor of repeated mulching with loose mulch and preventing the loss of loose mulch due to rain or irrigation drainage.

Tree rings are great in the backyard but are also useful for commercial tree growers and farmers who grow produce from trees that require mulching such as apples. Also they are porous so they will allow rainwater pass through.

For more information about tree rings and mulch mats visit our Tree Ring Mulch Mats Made of Recycled Goods Page 

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