Jul 16, 2012

Why is an American Solar Install so much higher than Germany?

All we ever hear from the US press is how "socialized"  Europe is and how that's contributing to their current problems

This great little article from Grist(7-15-12) calls that thinking into question as regards the sourcing and install of residential PV(Photovoltaic) solar  systems.

This graph is spectacular and shows the US costing much higher due to logistics, permitting, labor, and local government intrusion

Granted Germany is a smaller country than the US but for the cost of the equipment to be so similar and all else to be so distorted, we perhaps need to question our press and local leaders when they paint our system as a panacea for the growth  of a Green economy - we need a lot of work

Entire article is here

Conservastore just thinks alternative energy makes sense and saves cents

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