Sep 30, 2012

Weakening of Florida's Growth Laws is Fools Gold

 Florida geographically is a special place. The humans understand this as do the animals and plants. That's why we all live here. Prob is the humans have more of a voice in how the geography is affected by each species than do the non human animals and plants(except for the Burmese Python which seems to do what it wants).

Construction has always been a large part of the Florida story from the human perspective. Shelter and infrastructure were needed to allow the humans to enjoy the geography of Florida.(Oddly the non humans were safer before the creation of air conditioning which really made Florida human habitable). The Great Recession has halted a great deal of the construction growth of Florida due to the overbuilding that happened in the early 21st century but as the economy returns to some normalcy there is the floating of balloons by developers about projects that may or may not be needed but will sadly probably get built.

One of these developments is Farmton, "a city of 23,000 homes proposed for a remote tree farm in Volusia and Brevard counties."
Here's a link to the Farmton Corp website and their delicate discussions of construction plans to come
The current Governor of Florida, Mr Rick Scott, although perhaps a good family man and a "rags to riches American success story" so he professes, values the development of Florida over all else. He does not seem to realize that Florida tourism can court a great deal of monies by those wanting to enjoy the "Natural Florida"

Here's an article on how the weakening of the Growth Management Laws under Rick Scott's administration has allowed almost anything to be built including possibly Farmton

There are countries around the world, Costa Rica comes to mind as one that realizes much money can be made by oddly "Just leaving things the way they are" and allowing folks to come see the natural beauty of a place.


What if Margaret Stoneman Douglas had not stood up for the Everglades and it turned into a morass of single family homes

Mr Scott feels that weakening the anti-sprawl laws set in place in Florida are the way to go and yes it would be a short term fix by allowing developers to start more projects and hire the construction trade that has historically powered the Florida economic booms

But can anyone think long term and realize that parts of Florida such as the St Johns river basin, the Indian River basin and of course the Everglades are areas unlike anywhere else in the world. They are effectively Nature's version of the Eiffel tower. If they are promoted correctly people will come to experience their beauty and this will increase the tourism that is still the Florida gold standard of economic activity. Europeans are huge eco-tourism enthusiasts. Do we have anyone from Mr Scott's administration visiting the Euro block promoting the beauty of Florida as an Eco-tourism destination?
(What's Eco-tourism?-click here)

Here's another article on how Florida's Growth Management laws have been changed


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