Aug 20, 2013

Sav-Eco Water and Energy Saving Kits are Your Starter to a Greener Way of Life

Converting to a greener way of living isn’t just for the vegetarians and vegans of the world, it’s a for everyone that cares about the sustainability of the Earth. The conservation of the Earth and its resources can be applied to all businesses of the world because it is EVERYONE’S business. Being greener doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn't have to take much effort. Conserv-A-Store has been selling eco-kits for water and energy conversation for years, but now we have a New line of kits that will bring your home or office into the 21st century of greener living. We want to help you save your wallets in smartest way possible. Say hello to the Sav-Eco Kit.

Our Sav-Eco Kits are designed to offer better alternatives to your everyday energy saving efforts. These kits are meant for resource-intensive parts of the  home: the kitchen, the bathroom, and the lights. The slight changes made with the key features in the Sav-Eco Kits will cut down on water and electricity use, as well as save hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water per year.

Our kits are beginner-friendly and easy to install. Some are as simple as swapping a shower head or replacing a light bulb. Installation is almost tool free. Isn’t that great?  Don't worry if your project is more complicated; our products all come with comprehensive instructions from each component's manufacturers.If you feel that you may need a little more help with our products, instructions are included with the delivery and offer 8 am-8 pm customer service.  The last thing we want is to leave our customers confused!

Are you just testing the waters in Green Living and want a starter kit?
Note we call it Easy because it is so Easy to get started.
You get one each 1.5 GPM (gallon per minute) shower head and 2ea 1.0 faucet aerators plus a handy reusable bag. The install on these items is easy as well. ANYBODY CAN DO IT

Sav-Eco Introductory Water Conservation Kit - Easy

Do you want to try a beginner kit with lighting options as well ? We suggest the Sav-Eco Kitchen and Bathrooom Conservation Starter Kit. Not only do you get a 1.5 GPM shower head, and 2 ea. .5gpm faucet aerators (the lowest flow available now) you also get 2 ea. 20,000 hour long life incandescent light bulbs and the reusable bag for your grocery shopping pleasure

Sav-Eco Kitchen and Bathroom Conservation Starter Kit

Feel you are ready for a kit with more intermediate requirements? Then step up to the plate with our Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Kit -  Intermediate. This will really save you on your utility bill.
You get:
- 1 ea. 1.5 gpm Massage Shower head in Chrome
- 1 ea. 1.25 gpm Massage Shower head in Chrome-one of the lowest flow heads available
- 3 ea. of a 1.0 gpm faucet aerator
- 3 ea. of a .5gpm faucet aerator
- 6 ea. of a 15 watt Compact Flourescent Light(CFL)Bulb
- 1 ea. of a Screw in light bulb control for incandescent or CFL bulbs
- 1ea. of a Digital Timer to use with multiple household lighting or appliances
- 1ea. of the Reusable bag

Sav-Eco Water and Energy Conservation Kit - Intermediate

We also sell a collection of kits specially developed by Niagara and AM Conservation that do take about 2 weeks to source, but you will find our Sav-Eco kits only at Conserv-A-Store and they can ship within 3 days of order time.

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