Oct 22, 2013

Cut Down on Paper Waste with Eco Cups

The Eco Cup is perfect for coffee or tea drinkers who want to cut down on wasteful disposable cups. Designed to look like the real thing, this sustainable mug provides all the benefits of a coffeehouse cup and lid, while replacing hundreds of throwaway cups.

Single-walled porcelain features a silicone sleeve that ensures you won't burn your fingers while holding the cup. The high quality silicone lid fits securely, so you can drink on-the-go with no worries about spilling. Take this cup in the car, on the train or bus, or on foot, with your favorite local brew inside. Many coffeehouses are offering discounts for people who bring-their-own cup.

The mug is made of single-walled porcelain that is 100% lead –free, non-leaching and neutral to taste and smell. Porcelain will not absorb colors or odors and is a safe alternative to plastic coffee mugs, which may leach harmful chemicals, especially when filled with hot beverages. The lid is made of durable and long-lasting silicone, a superior, heat-resistant, non-toxic material that can withstand repeated washing and use. It doesn't absorb odors or colors and can withstand temperatures of up to 446° F, which means it’s dishwasher and microwave safe.

An eco-friendly alternative to paper and plastic cups. Eliminate hundreds of disposable beverage cups over the course of one year – and thousands over the course of a lifetime. Eco Cup and its sister product “I Am Not A Paper Cup” are built to last and help replace wasteful, use-and-toss plastic and paper beverage containers, while saving you money in the process. Bring your own mug to your favorite coffee shop, or use it at home.

You can find Eco Cups in a variety of colors and styles at conservastore.com!

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