Oct 1, 2013

Protection in All Shapes and Sizes - Pour-Your-Own Mulch!

Bonded pour in place rubber mulch of recycled tire tread is a solution to many landscaping challenges for homeowners, commercial landscapers municipalities for parks and medians.

Conservastore has sold rubber mulch mats and tree rings of recycled tire content for years with great success. We hope and feel we have helped many folks surround their trees with quality product that has extended the life of these trees and saved the homeowner of the time wasting chore of laying mulch sometimes up to three times per year

But there are areas of the yard where a tree ring or mulch mat just will not accomplish the task or solve the problem. We now can offer you a  poured mulch product whose main benefit is it's ability to be spread in a wide or a non linear area

Bonded pour in place mulch is also perfect for the landscaper doing municipal jobs that have signature trees in parks or public venues such as arenas, stadiums, or school campuses. Pour-in-place mulch is environmentally safe, durable and easy to install! The recycled rubber mulch is comfortable enough for paving hiking paths, but solid enough to use as a wheelchair ramp.

For those looking for landscaping mulch, recycled rubber mulch is perfect for protecting your trees and garden. The durable rubber protects against insects and landscaping equipment, while being porous enough to let water and important nutrients seep into roots. Now, even if you have large trees, or an intricately shaped garden, you can still give your plants the best in protection with pour-in-place!

For more information about tree rings and mulch mats visit our Tree Ring Mulch Mats Made of Recycled Goods Page 


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