Dec 5, 2013

Green Gifts for Anytime

Conservastore has a wide array of products that will make lovely gifts for any Eco-conscious person. Whether you support recycled products, American-made hemp and organic cotton, or cutting down on water and energy, we have a gift that will help keep the planet's resources and your wallet full!

EarthBall Inflatable GlobeHold our planet in the palm of your hand with the Earth Ball! The real Earth needs to be protected, but this 16" inflatable replica can be batted and bounced to your heart's content.  As informational as it is entertaining, this ball comes with a sixteen page handbook filled with facts and figures about our mother planet. For the night owls, the Earth Ball also glows in the dark, showing many of our planet's major cities, whose lights shine like beacons into the beyond.

Circuit Board Business Card CaseWe have a small line of gift products made from recycled circuit boards. E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world, where over 2.5 billion tons of waste ending up in landfills every year. These products are recycled from discarded circuit boards, a vital component in most electronics. Help save the environment from e-waste while providing your living room with an interesting and attractive conversation piece. Give your favorite memory that digital flair with these picture frames made from recycled circuit boards, or carry your glasses with circuit board coasters. For the techie businessman, impress your clients and coworkers with a circuit board business card case.
Dial Aluminum Multi Can Crusher

Our Can Crushers are always a popular holiday gift.  Aluminum drink cans do not break down in landfills, but the recycle bin is always too small to hold them all! This can be a serious problem, especially around the winter holidays. Those big family gatherings call for a lot of soda, and that next game might call for a case of beer. Now you can quickly and easily break those bulky cans down into a small crushed disc. We also carry recycle bin caddies for when all those cans get too heavy to carry to the curb.

Green gifts are an unexpected way to gift your friends and family while of course reducing resourece We're here to help! Conservastore!

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