Dec 1, 2013

Quick Green Update: Warsaw Climate Conference and Paris in 2015

The Climate Conferences seem to follow a similar protocol each time they are held. There's a lot of hobnobbing and wasted time until the last few hours and then usually something gets done.
The Warsaw Poland conference appears to be no different but instead of goals being accomplished it was more of protection of past goals and the hope that the next conference in Paris will offer more concrete accomplishments. Guess the saddest development is that the largest typhoon to ever hit a populated area hit the Philippines while the Conference occurred so  there was tangible evidence of what increased global temps can do to man.


The Guardian on 11/24/13 writes,
"Under the agreement, settled in the early hours of Sunday morning after more t
han 36 hours of non-stop negotiations, countries have until the first quarter of 2015 to publish their plans. This process is seen as essential to achieving a new global deal on emissions at a crunch conference in Paris in late 2015, for which the fortnight-long Warsaw conference was supposed to lay the groundwork.
A compromise was reached with a new "Warsaw international mechanism" by which the victims of disaster will receive aid, but it will not be linked to any liability from developed countries.
Another success at the conference was the completion of a new mechanism to keep the world's remaining forests standing. Called REDD+, for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation, this has been in the works for most of the last decade."

Reuters on 11/24/13 writes,
"Delegates in Warsaw agreed that a new global deal, due to be struck in Paris in 2015 and to enter into force from 2020, would be made up of what they called "intended nationally determined contributions" from both rich and poor nations.


We feel Climate Conferences which are similar to the United Nations in many ways can only help
Even if the majority of the work done is horribly influenced by the politics of the attending countries it still gets folks together. The tangential meeting of two folks from seemingly totally different approaches to the Climate may strike a bargain on a lesser point and then we have moved forward a bit.

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